Larry A. Davis

I began my academic career as a biology major at Youngstown State University (Ohio), while playing drums in a rock n' roll band. Both have influenced my art. As a youth, fascinated by science, anatomy and the inner workings of the human body, I steered my studies in that direction, winning science fairs because of an ability to work with my hands and create visually unique displays. As I matured, I realized that the creative side of that process was what drove me.

The band I was in achieved a fairly high level of success as we had two of our singles being played on major radio stations throughout the Tri-State area (Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia). Eventually, a series of life-altering experiences led me to pick up a paint brush, and I switched gears at YSU from Biology to Fine Arts, the former influencing the latter in my aesthetic choices of shape, form, texture and composition. I continued to play music, although the original band had undergone several personnel changes and transformations, and I eventually decided to leave the band and move west to pursue my graduate studies in Art.

To tie my music background into my renewed creative direction, I created a set of sculptural drums as the focal point of the thesis for my graduate studies at California State University in Long Beach, where I received a Master of Fine Arts degree. I taught art at CSULB for several years prior to accepting a position with the Walt Disney Company where I have been employed for more than 25 years. The Disney job has taken me around the world, and enabled me to buy a home where I built, and currently maintain a studio, as I continue to work on new sculptural ideas.

One of the fondest periods of my life was between Disney roles, when I stepped away from the company for five years to pursue my own design firm. I had a great deal of success during that period, when I built a livable studio / loft in a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. This was also the period when I met Maureen (my wife) and made a conscious effort to never stop creating my art (part of what attracted her to me). Not only was I represented by a major gallery In Santa Monica (The Brendan Walter Gallery), I was fortunate to have been included in group shows in several other L.A.-based galleries, as well as the Holly Solomon Gallery in New York City.