Larry A. Davis

My most current series of sculpture, "The Jawless Series" (Created between 2009 & 2011) represents a period in my life where my professional career is in stark contrast with that of my creative endeavors. Although my creative background is woven through the daily accountabilities of my roll - the "Senior Show Producer" position with Walt Disney Imagineering demands a regimented business approach, while my studio time is spent opening up the freedom and flexibility necessary to create without the restrictions of the corporate world. Aside from the contrasts in career and creativity, contrast plays a role in each piece relative to material choices, shapes, and textures.

Throughout my artistic career, my work has always been about exploration and evolution. As I have grown personally and professionally, my artwork has continued to evolve. I am always looking for new challenges by exploring different materials, processes and techniques. The motivation for the "Jawless Series" was based on a desire to clean out my studio. For years I have collected interesting materials and items that I felt might someday be utilized in the creation of my art. Approximately 85% of the elements used to create the "Jawless Series" were already living in cubbies or on shelves within the walls of my studio.

When I create, I frequently work on more than one piece at a time, preferring to have a three-dimensional free-standing piece and a bas-relief wall piece in progress simultaneously. That way, if I become stuck on one, I flip over to the other. I also like the contrast associated with the process of working three dimensionally versus working on something that is flat or bas-relief.

In the "Jawless Series", the wall pieces are both a subtle animal skin reference, and what I like to refer to as "reverse fossils" - each one a draped reminder of both bone and machined parts that make up the jawless three dimensional creatures.